Kino Indonesia (KINO.JK) Declares Interim Dividend of IDR12 per Share

Kino Indonesia (IDX KINO) Bagikan Dividen Interim Tahun 2021 Rp12 per Saham

Foto: Kino Indonesia PT Kino Indonesia Tbk. (KINO.JK) announces that the Company will distribute an interim dividend for the Book Year of 2021 of IDR17.14 billion. Thus, each shareholder will receive an interim dividend of IDR12 per share.

The distribution of interim dividends is carried out based on the Approval of the Board of Commissioners and the Circular Decision of the Board of Directors of the Company on 15 October 2021. The schedule for the dividends distribution based on the information disclosed by the Company is as follows:

  1. Cum Dividend Interim in the Regular Market and Negotiated Market : 28 October 2021
  2. Ex Interim Dividend in the Regular Market and Negotiated Market : 29 October 2021
  3. Cum Dividend Interim in Cash Market : 1 November 2021
  4. Ex Interim Dividend in Cash Market : 2 November 2021
  5. Recording Date : 1 November 2021
  6. Interim Dividend Payment : 18 November 2021.

For information, the Company recorded a decrease in its revenue and net profit during the first half of 2021. The Company's revenue decreased 11.87% YoY from IDR2.19 trillion to IDR1.93 trillion. The Company's net profit also decreased 68.22% YoY from IDR118.64 billion to IDR37.7 billion.

On Friday (10/22), KINO's shares are trading at the level of IDR2,120 per share. Using this price, KINO's interim dividend yield ratio is 0.56%. 

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